The connection between Natural Hormone Therapy, difficult weight loss and food allergies is that all three individually can be responsible for unwanted weight gain.  Any  clinical approach to quick healthy Weight Loss begins with a healthy gut not burdened by Food Allergies that degrade the integrity of the gut and immune system. It is important to know your immediate and delayed food sensitivities including meats, grains,dairy, nuts, non dairy, spices, fruits and vegetables. With this knowlege it enables us to construct a healthy satisfying diet why decreasing gut inflammation and the toxic load on the body. Probiotics are essential to restoring healthy gut function and studies have shown probiotics can influence youthful gene expression. Liver Detoxification is an important step in losing weight. As the body breaks down the fat and metabolites stored in the fat cells the liver helps to break down these substances so they maybe excreted. Balancing our hormones is another vital step in optimizing our energy and health. Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics  measure your hormone levels to take the guess work out of what the body needs and wants. Natural Bio-identical hormones and natural nutraceuticals can balance these levels safely and with little of no side effects as is the case with hormone medications. 

Without checking all three, you may be left with unwanted body fat.  Natural Bioidentical Hormone Therapy, Difficult Weight Loss and Food Allergies are the three big keys  in successful and complete weight loss.   To discuss your individual needs and concerns we encourage you to seek advice, call a local trained and certified  professional to help you get back to feeling happy and healthy again.