Gene Testing

Gene Testing is a new exciting field of study, called nutrigenomics, which is setting the bar higher for functional medicine clinical outcomes. We are able, through gene testing, to more completely understand the some causes of chronic ill health and identify future predispositions that can be triggered from our foods that we eat, air we breathe, water we drink and environmental pollutants we are constantly exposed to. The third step in this discovery process is formulating a personalized blueprint for nutritionally supporting the metabolic pathways that have been found to be insufficient and inefficient.

Identifying these DNA SNP’s/Defects (Single Nucleotide Peptide) mutations with gene testing is crucial to working at the deepest levels of the human system. This expanding field of nutrigenomics that includes gene testing helps us understand and nutritionally support such conditions as chronic ill health, depression, brain fog, autism, rapid mood swings, anxiety, heart disease, macular degeneration and inefficient phase1 and phase2 detoxification pathways of pollutants and heavy metals in the liver.

Genetic testing is a one-time, simple and easy, to collect saliva sample for you. The saliva sample is then sent to the genetic testing laboratory and requires 3 weeks to obtain results. Once genetic testing has been accomplished, the results received and the weaknesses identified then the real work has begun. Dr. Baird DC, C-AARM, ABAAHP, Dipl Acu studies and evaluates your test results, identifies your SNP’s and then develops the best nutritional work a rounds for you to complete insufficient or interrupted metabolic pathways for the making of new proteins, duplicate DNA, RNA transcription in ongoing cell reproduction, cell repair and whole body detoxification. Then combining, personal and family history with gene testing and the nutritional repair the body can produce new and healthier cells for the improved functioning of your body going forward.