Hot Flashes?

Are you finding yourself increasingly suffering from hot flashes? Does your face get red and flushed? Do you sweat suddenly and profusely for no apparent reason? If so, then there is  very good chance that you are entering the menopause. Hot flashes are the most common symptom of menopause with almost 70% of perimenopausal women and almost all menopausal women experience them.

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It is not clear what exactly causes hot flashes, but there are strong indications that it is  linked to changes in circulation causing blood vessels near the skin to dilate. Hot flashes are often accompanied by night sweats making it difficult and/or uncomfortable to sleep.

How Long Will Hot Flushes Last?

Female-Hormone-Assessment-TestThere is no set time frame when a woman is going to experience hot flashes. Some women only have them for a short period in the early stages of menopause while other women will experience them for the duration of their menopause. It is even possible for them to last for the remainder of the woman’s life. However, the severity of these hot flashes usually lessen over time.

Preventing Hot Flashes

Hot flashes are just one of those things that cannot really be avoided during the menopause, but there are a number of things you could try to lessen them. Some of the things that have been known to act as a trigger for hot flashes include stress, caffeine, alcohol, tight or restrictive clothing, overheating and smoking. It is a good idea to make some lifestyle changes to eliminate these triggers and to wear loose clothing made from natural materials like cotton.

If the hot flashes are becoming increasingly uncomfortable or they are accompanied by other symptoms of the menopause, then you may wish to consider hormone replacement therapy. If this is the case then why not call Dr. Baird or Dr. Hollstrom today for a free consultation on 303 460 0867.