Leaky Gut Syndrome

Do You have a Leaky Gut?

leaky gut syndromeDo you have a Leaky Gut Syndrome? How do you know which foods are good for you even if you are eating well? Foods can be Medicine, they can also make you Sick!

What does Being Well mean, optimal health? Am I having delayed reactions even to the “Good Food”?
There are an increasing number of patients being diagnosed with Celiac, Chron’s, Irritable Bowel syndrome and Autoimmune Microscopic Colitis of which all have the common underlying factor of Inflammation that destroys the protective layer of our gut aka a “Leaky Gut”. Inflammation in the gut can be triggered by antibiotics that disrupt the normal good microbes or bacteria that live in our gut and allow fermenting bacteria to be predominant as well as Candida Albicans a yeast which can overgrow the gut. Hormone imbalances, cortisol and sugar excesses, medications (anti-depressants, anti-biotics, prednisone), over the counter pain medications, nsaids, eating the wrong foods for you, all play a part in developing leaky Gut Syndrome. Inflammation from the leaky gut mobilizes our immune system to take care of the inflammation caused by dietary proteins that are leaking across the damaged gut barrier in enough numbers which produces an immune reaction and antibody production against those leaking proteins. Those delayed immune reacting proteins need to be identified and removed from diet while the gut is being repaired.  Questions? Call (303) 460-0867 today…


If you or a loved have been diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, diverticulosis, autoimmune microscopic colitis, Gerd, migraines, ADD, Asperger’s, or autism can they be helped? Yes, We help them all day long: children, adults and the elderly. We identify the proteins by testing for the offending foods (190 Foods),we help remove them from your diet, find satisfying substitutions to the foods and snacks we enjoy and by providing nutraceuticals and good bacteria to foster healing and repair of the leaky gut and the intestinal barrier.

Advanced Natural Hormone CareOr take this Free Leaky Gut Self Assessment to determine if your symptoms have low, medium or high significance and receive a FREE copy of our eBook “Advanced Natural Hormone Care” a $9.99 Value! .

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What Patients are Saying:

“I want to let you know just how much you have helped me with my Migraine headaches. They were debilitating and getting worse, I do believe you saved my lifeWe knew my headaches were food related, but what exactly were the foods that caused them? You gave me a blood test that revealed 13 foods were the cause…You also found candida and leaky Gut…I have no more headaches… Thank you”… P Barber, Lakewood, Colorado

Follow these 5 Steps:

Step 1. First List your symptoms:

The signs of Leaky Gut Syndrome and Candida overgrowth can include chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, bloating, constipation, migraines, yeast infections, anal itching, thrush infections, asthma, diarrhea, autoimmune diseases, inability to lose weight, brain fog and joint pains.

Step 2. Contact Us to test and identify 190 foods that include dairy, meats, shellfish, fish, nuts, oils, vegetables, fruits and spices for delayed food reactions or intolerances through blood testing.

Step 3. Follow our recommendations to remove inflammatory foods and ingredients from your diet.

Step 4. Your new Diet will control the candida overgrowth and limit the populations of yeast.

Step 5. Our Treatment plan will repair and replant the gut bacteria with supportive nutrients and an allergy free diet of vegetables, fruits and fiber with clean meats.

At Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado our Doctors offer Natural Testing and Treatment for Leaky Gut Syndrome.
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