Therapy for Fatigue, ED, LowT, Low Libido, Menopause, Weight Loss, Pre/Post Type 2 Diabetes, PCOS, Endometriosis, Can't Sleep, Tired all the Time, Can't Lose weight, Weight Gain, Hair Loss
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Who We Are

On behalf of our patients, the Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado),  specializes in treating the causes Male and Female Hormone decline and imbalances as well as relief from Musculo-Skeletal Back, Neck, Arm, Shoulder, Leg, Wrist and Ankle Pain Numbness, Unresponsive disc pain and peripheral Neuropathies.   We are dedicated to providing education regarding any causality with access to trained doctors, top quality products that have proven effectiveness in combating pain age related  conditions.


Our mission is to seek out the latest credible information, services and products developed by medical and natural science. At the request of our patients, we provide access to those services and products through our websites and clinics.

Aging is an unstoppable process.  But we do have the ability to minimize your body’s response to it.  By keeping our recommendations tied to the most recent clinical and research science advancements, you can be assured of maximized treatment program success.  Anti-Aging and Pain management medicine/chiropractic has been in the forefront of medical/chiropractic research for many years with new developments discovered almost daily.  Your Doctors focus their efforts on this area of medicine/chiropractic, exclusively. You can be assured of our stability and the quality of our  products and services. We do one thing and we do it very well – we help you manage the aging process.


All our laboratory testing is conducted by the several of the largest laboratories in the country.


Our staff is qualified in hormone replacement therapy, anti-aging therapy, pain management and consists of knowledgeable, skilled people to serve your needs. They are available to answer your questions and ensure that services are complete and of the highest quality.

We does not use the word “sales” when referring to our interaction with potential patients. Potential patients contact us for information and / or services. Information is shared in a consultation with our trained professionals and with the intent that it forms a basis for the potential patient to make an informed, intelligent decision. Our consultations with potential patients are totally open and honest.”

Our services are carried out in partnership with our patients. We have the knowledge and resources to provide quality treatment programs. Our patients have the desire and need for quality treatment for their symptoms. The relationship is very interactive. patients are given information to facilitate the making of the best choices to meet their needs.

We are seeking long-term relationships with our valued patients. The only way to accomplish that is with quality service provided in an open and honest relationship.

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Speak to one of our Doctors About;

• Menopause Symptoms

• Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

• Low or No Sex Drive

• "Low T" or Low Libido

• Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

• Always Tired

• Fatigue Easily

• Weight Loss

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Mental Fogging

• Short Term Memory Loss

Hypo/Hyper Thyroid

Hair Loss


Weight Loss Success

Tired all the Time, No Motivation,
Can't Sleep, Low Libido

Baby Boomers, Weight Loss, Hormone Replacement, Food Allergies

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Had a Slow Start but Good Ending

50 lb weight loss, BP Normalized, going off Metformin

Weight Loss maintained over 2+ years

Child with multiple previously unresolved abdominal and skin/sensory complaints. Treatment included food allergy testing and targeted pediatric spinal manipulation.

Hello my favorite doctors, I hope you're well. I know you've heard this from me ad nauseam but I just had to send you another note to tell you how much you have changed our family. _____ has worn pants, by choice mind you, for the past couple of weeks. This is monumental because it was the last standing piece of his sensory issues. My son hasn't been able to tolerate pants since he was an infant. It's just been so amazing to watch and transform right before eyes. And I just have to say thank you again. You know how much this amazing sweet family means to me and there has just been no greater gift than to watch them thrive. Now I have to switch to talk to text because I can't see through my tears filled eyes. :-) anyway I just wanted to say thank you and we love you guys so much. Have a great warm weekend.