What it Costs

What it costs?

Comparative Costs of Weight Loss Programs

How Much Do Weight-Loss Programs Cost?

The Zone Diet™
You could buy the book and follow the diet independently, or opt for the   company’s “In the Zone Delivery”. The service delivers a customized   daily supply of food (three meals and two snacks) to subscribers in most   metropolitan areas by 6 a.m. each day. Outside major cities, you can receive   two to three days’ worth of food at a time for a higher delivery fee.

Signing up for the 30-day “Chef Selected” plan will cost $39.99 a   day plus a shipping charge, which is $3 for customers in most cities and $10   for those in other areas. If you want to try it out for two weeks, you’ll pay   $44.99 per day plus shipping. The average Zone dieter loses 8 to 10 pounds a   month, and it takes three or four months to drop 30 pounds.

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $3,800 to $5,100 but that does include $3 a day for delivery!

Jenny Craig®
This is a great diet (Just look at Valerie)! The weight-loss brand   marketed by celebrities boasts a sensible approach to weight loss, advocating   an average drop in body mass of about 1%, or 1 to 2 pounds per week. The   program addresses mind-body aspects of weight loss by helping clients adopt   healthful eating and exercise habits, as well as encouraging them to examine   the underlying causes of their weight problems.

The “Jenny Rewards” plan, priced at $399 or $359, is a 12-month   program that rewards dieters’ efforts and weight loss with discounts on food.   There’s also an at-home option that is similar except you also pay for   shipping and have consultations by phone.

Sign-up costs include weekly one-on-one counseling, personalized menus,   motivational plans and assorted manuals and guides, depending on membership   level. Then, there’s the cost of food. The prepackaged foods generally cost   $12 to $18 per day, or $84 to $126 per week. So…

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $399 or $359 (if paid upfront). The Food   costs are an additional $4,380 to $6,570 based on a 12 month, 365 day diet.

Weight Watchers®
This is one of the most popular diets in the world, probably because there’s   no such thing as taboo food. The diet is based on portion control and   involves weekly support meetings. You can also do the program online.

The Flex plan means each food is assigned a point value, and you can eat   anything as long as you stay within your allotted points. The Core plan   involves a pre-approved list of foods. Though there are plenty of Weight   Watchers food items on the market, they are optional.

Registration is between $15 and $20, depending on location. Weekly meeting   fees range from about $10 to $15, again, location-dependent. The standard   monthly plan for Weight Watchers Online costs $46.90 the first month and   $16.95 for subsequent months. Plan to lose 1 to 2 pounds per week for 20   weeks to reach a 30-pound weight-loss goal.

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $214.80 to $299.80, depending on location,   or $97.75 online, not including food.

With this program, if you lose 2 pounds per week, it will take 5   MONTHS to lose 30 pounds. Afterwards, counting points would be required   to keep that weight off.

This at-home system (no office visits or weigh-ins) will appeal to those   who don’t like to cook. It involves eating the company’s prepackaged meals.   The 28-day program includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks (you may add   fresh vegetables, fruit and dairy). Support is offered through a free Web   site.

“Some people lose 1 pound a week; some people lose 3 pounds a   week,” says a NutriSystem sales representative. If, on average, you   lose 2 pounds a week, the diet will take about four months. It’s cheaper to   sign up for the Auto-Delivery Savings program (the food keeps coming until you cancel it), which costs $299.95, including shipping, per month.

Cost of losing 30 pounds: $1,174.88 which includes food (except fresh fruits, vegetables and any dairy).

Now, we admit that one can lose the 30 pounds with any of the above diets, but about 60% of our patients are “graduates” of these and/or   several other programs, who have gained most if not all of their weight back; usually within the first 4 months after stopping the diets.

Metabolic Reset Program Lose Weight and   Keep it OFF

The above diets for the most part, do not “reset” the brain’s   “fullness point” so when the special (many times “chemically prominent” foods are discontinued, so is the ability to lose the fat.

Dr. Simeon’s protocol is not for the undisciplined, but is for people who are   willing to change the way they eat and add exercise to their daily   activities. It IS Also for those who would like a quick 30 day weight loss by   utilizing a temporary, low-calorie, strictly regimented and doctor supervised   fat-loss program. Under the tongue lozenges or injections along WITH Vitamin   B-12 for More Energy and Less Stress. Your appetite will be reduced while You   Lose Stored Fat! You eat real food and you can also eat out with this plan.   This Metabolic Weight Loss Plan includes Doctor, Instruction manual with   supervision, one on one instruction, education and counseling thru diet   phase, maintenance and lifetime phases.

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