Natural Weight Loss

Weight-Loss=AssessmentUnable to Lose That Weight? Natural Weight Loss Treatment entails identifying hidden causes of weight gain and aging. The causes of your weight gain can be: food allergies and intolerances, identifying any Candida or Yeast overgrowth, cortisol testing for stress, testing for and identifying hormone imbalances, evaluating for metabolic syndrome, low or high thyroid function, detecting genetic predispositions by DNA and SNP (single nucleotide peptide) testing. These help in Proper Detoxification, ideal Weight maintenance, Appetite, and Satiety function and Testing for Your Nutrient Status for Amino Acids, Vitamins, Proteins and Minerals.

Natural Weshutterstock Overweight bellyight Loss Treatment addresses the issues of why you are gaining weight or have “plateaued” despite consistent exercise and eating right! These specific characteristics that make up you, can explain why you and other members of your family react differently to food, aging and your environment. Symptoms can occur immediately and others can build up over a period of time giving rise to ill health.

Natural Weight Loss Therapy is a fun, rewarding and empowering experience that consists of decreasing inflammation, re-establishing normal gut flora, normalizing hormone levels, supporting adrenal function for normal stress response of cortisol, supporting normal thyroid function, and decreasing elevated blood glucose levels also reducing cardiac risk factors. Genetic differences can be minimized to provide better building blocks, utilization and detoxification in the body with nutritional “work a rounds” to complete insufficient biochemical pathways for the making of new DNA, RNA, all proteins and for Phase1 and Phase 2 detoxification in the liver.

Coordination of care, encouragement and accountability are very important in successful long term natural weight loss. We offer a Doctor Supervised 6 month program that addresses personalized care focused on Your specific goals, boosting your metabolism, improving your health status, identifying genetic predispositions and expression in your environment. This allows the development of sustainable long term recommendations for nutrition, exercise and lifestyle. We offer Natural Weight Loss education in eating with your food allergies, acidic and alkaline foods in your diet, understanding gluten in your diet, candida and your optimal digestion.