Hair Loss

Hair Loss

Are you currently being affected by hair loss? Have you noticed more hair stuck in your brush when you finish styling your hair? Maybe you have noticed clumps of it coming out during hair washing? You could even be waking up with loose hair on your pillow in the morning. Hair loss can be devastating for women, but there is no need to be ashamed. It is estimated that 1 in 5 women will experience hair loss and in most cases it can be reversed. This is because it is one of the less well known  symptoms of menopause.

hair lossHair Loss & Hormone Imbalance

Hair loss is far less common in women than it is in men. This is because women produce more estrogen, which helps to balance out the effects of androgens such as dihydrotestosterone which are known to cause hair loss in women. However, when there is a hormone imbalance – such as when a women is going through menopause – there may not be enough estrogen to prevent hair loss. It is not just menopause which can trigger hair loss in women, other hormonal imbalances such as thyroid issues or genetic hormone disorders can also lead to premature hair loss, pattern balding and the general thinning of the hair in women.

The good news is that when hair loss is caused by hormone imbalance it is possible to treat it and reverse the effects. The first step is to carry out thorough testing to determine whether or not your hair loss is a result of hormone imbalance. If this is the case then a course of bioidentical hormone therapy can not only stop the hair loss, but can also help to restore your hair to a healthy state thus promoting regrowth.

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