Frequently Asked Questions about Natural Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT):

How do you treat hormone problems?

Our doctors treat hormone levels with non-drug nutraceuticals, phytochemicals, homeopathic solutions, etc,  allowing your body to re-establish hormone levels unique to itself.  Declining hormone levels with aging and poor lifestyle habits, subject women to symptoms of menopause (men to symptoms of andropause), compromises quality of life, increase the likelihood of chronic illness and cuts quality time/years from your life. Our established protocols are safe, healthy and all natural.

How are you different from other “Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Clinics?”

Our protocols do not call for the use of fast fix, large dose medications with potential severe side affects.  We start with natural nutrients supported by research, to support your bodies natural hormonal and biochemical needs. The products we use are NOT your typical “over-the-counter” ones found at discount grocers and vitamin stores.

When should I think about replacing/balancing my hormones?

All men, as well as women, start to see hormone level decreases in their late 30’s.   In most women, progesterone levels begin dropping dramatically in their mid twenties.  More and more women are experiencing menopause symptoms sometimes many years before the onset of other women.  In the typical man, hormones can start to decline in the mid to late 20′s. By age 35 declines are sufficient that symptoms may be evident. By the 50’s and 60’s these changes become quite evident.  If you are experiencing symptoms (see also “Men” and “Women” tabs):

  •           large amounts of fat deposition around the belly,
  •           moderate to severe fatigue,
  •           loss of sexual desire (libido),
  •           loss of muscle mass,
  •           depression not helped with “anti-depressants”,
  •           loss of personal confidence,
  •           no sexual urge/or desire
  •           can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep, wake up tired

Contact our office for an appointment to see if your symptoms are related to a age related hormone imbalance.  The best time to start replacing hormones is between age 35 and 40.  However it is never too late.

How much of the hormone will I take?

Since medications aren’t a part of our protocols, we will  use natural substances implicit in the biochemical cascade of events that create hormones.  Your Doctor will recommend the appropriate amount it takes to get your hormone levels to a point that you are achieving optimal results.

 How long does it take?

Most patients begin noticing changes rather quickly.  But to actually affect physiologic changes, where possible,  it takes as much time as your body needs.  Remember these symptoms you come to us with didn’t happen over night.  Your commitment to getting healthier and feeling better, should last as long as you want the results. You need to replace hormones for the rest of your life. If this thought is a bit intimidating — consider that your father, mother, grandfathers and grandmothers had the same problem – however — they did not have the option that you have to correct it. Considering the significant positive effect on quality of life, the decision to “fix it” should be quite easy.

How are the hormones replaced?

This actually refers to returning your hormone levels to as normal as possible.  Accomplished by the use of all natural oral, sub-lingual and topical cream nutriceuticals and phytochemicals.

I have read about HRT but does it work?

Yes, if done correctly under the supervision of a trained doctor.  This is not a fanciful search for the fountain of youth. It is medical science at it best. It is trained doctors using sophisticated lab tests and treatment protocols developed and used over several years to produce life-altering results.

How much does a hormone treatment program cost?

The cost of Hormone Replacement using medications cost thousands of dollars every year.  Using our proven, top quality, natural neutraceuticals (eliminating the highly expensive Growth Hormones and male specific Testosterones) you not only get similar results, but by following our programs, as your body heals, need for these supplements may decrease, thus decreasing costs.  With medications, rarely do you ever decrease dosages.  We encourage questions so there is a full disclosure and understanding prior to starting any program. We are seeking a long term relationship.

Will insurance pay for my treatment?

That will depend on your insurance coverage. We will supply the necessary paperwork for you to submit to your carrier.  We do not take insurance or file claims for our Anti-Aging or Hormone replacement patients.

Are there any side effects of hormone therapy?

When hormone levels are balanced correctly, there should be no negative side effects. Click on the side effects tab on the home page.

Is hormone therapy safe?

Yes. There are numerous studies that have come out  attesting to not only safety but also the health value of healthy male and female hormone levels. That assumes treatment is done properly and monitored on a regular basis.  Refer to the scientific studies tab.

Will hormone replacement cause my natural testosterone production to decline?

No. When using natural hormones, we attempt to stimulate your system to either produce more or use phytochemicals to trap what you are producing, thus allow them to build up slowly, naturally.

Using medications, your body stops producing because the medications actually replaces your naturally produced ones.  The doctor will prescribe a medication to stimulate your testicles while you take testosterone.

Will Natural Hormone Replacement/balancing therapy programs help my sex drive and function?

The short answer is yes.

Will the program interfere with my present medications?

Natural Hormone replacement/balancing treatment are not drugs and it is unlikely they will react with medications.  Your Doctor has access to large databases to reference in order that there is no doubts, prior to undergoing any treatment.  It is very likely and research has shown that many people no longer need antidepressants once their hormones are restored to a healthy level.

Is diet and exercise important?

Establishing and maintaining good lifestyle practices of healthy diet, exercise and controlling stress are critical to optimal results from hormone therapy.

Where and How do I get my lab testing?

Our Doctors have contracts with several of the largest labs in the Country. We will arrange your testing convenient to where you live or Work.

Do Nutraceuticals work for every one?

No, some people do need to have medications to achieve hormone balance.

If I need to have medications, can you refer me for that service?

Yes, we have a Medical Physician who will review your file and decide if medications is in your best interest.