What To Expect

What to expect on your first visit:

(It would be a time saver and big help for your Doctor, if you would go to our “New Patient Questionnaire” and fill them out before your visit.

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Free Initial Consultation with Doctor (30-60 minutes) is at NO CHARGE.  You will be asked to bring any and all previous blood tests obtained within the last 6 months.  The Doctor will go over your initial New Patient Forms, review any other records and previous Lab work.  If any new tests (to include blood tests, saliva tests or Urine tests) are needed, you will be asked to obtain them in order that a complete clinical picture can be developed for you.  All recommendations stem from physical, laboratory and clinical testing, any need for ongoing care will be determined by re-testing of most or all abnormal findings.

After the free consult and if the Doctor needs further testing, all costs will be discussed for you before any testing is done and only with your approval.  Your insurance may pay for some or all of any needed blood lab testing, it won’t pay for Saliva Hormone Testing.  Health Savings accounts may help you here.  We are partnering with you on this journey and want to develop a close, trusting and lasting relationship.

Second Visit (14-30 days after first visit) Your Doctor  will then discuss with you results of all tests (Saliva, Blood and Urine, genetic, etc) he/she has ordered for you after the first visit.  If their is a need for any additional testing, all costs will again be explained to you to your satisfaction.  At this point your Doctor will recommend and explain what forms of treatment you will need to reach your health goals.

Follow Up Visits: Usually done 30-90 days apart, and include mini physical exams (BP, Ht, Wt, non-fasting glucose levels, blood oxygen levels, body measurements, etc) and used to determine if you are responding as expected.  It’s on these visits where any abnormal results found from our initial testing may need to be re-done to monitor your progress (we don’t guess or draw assumptions about you health).

Weight Loss Programs: Most of our Weight Loss programs are for 6 months of care and all visits are with a Board Certified Doctor (not ancillary medical staff).  Most patients elect to continue the program and an additional 6 months can be obtained on a pay as you go basis.

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