TeleMedicine Appointment

Telemedicine Appointment


Telemedicine appointments are like a regular appointments. But, you sit in front of your computer camera to see yourself and your provider once the online session begins. These online appointments are also called video conferencing. Experience a faster and safer option to getting your health issues diagnosed without the normal long disruption in your daily routine and lost income from your job.

Welcome to Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado’s (NHRCC) newest service known as TeleMedicine [TM] Appointment where you no longer have to leave your home or work for doctor visits.

We understand the concerns you may have about taking off time to see a doctor so let us help by…

  • Giving you the freedom to stay at home/work but still see a doctor for your health issues.
  • Giving you back the normal 2-4 hours of your life it takes for office visits.
  • Eliminating the long and unsafe traffic you encounter getting to and from the doctor office.
  • Keeping you safe from harsh inclement weather you may encounter in Colorado.
  • Allowing you to speak with a doctor on a Saturday. (Limited to TeleMedicine Appointments)

Just Two Easy Steps:
1. Click on "Add to Cart" Button to reserve your 40 minute TeleMedicine Appointment with Dr. Baird
2. We'll contact you to schedule your live online Zoom consultation after we receive your Order.