How To Reduce Hormone Symptoms

How To Reduce Hormone Symptoms

Thank you for visiting  our website.  At the Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado, you will be treated as the special person your are, no uninterested staff or Doctors here to make you feel like you just need to “buck it up”, take your sleeping pills and anti-depressants, get some rest and stop complaining.  Life does change as we get older (these changes can start as early as your early 30’s) and for a lot of us, yes we have gone through this too, these transitions through life can be very painful… mentally, emotionally and physically.  We can’t tell you the number of times a patient has sat in the consultation room with us and sobbed the entire time, they feel so bad and can’t get answers or find help.  In our practice you won’t be treated as just a “estrogen”, “menopause“, “thyroid”, “MS”, “PCOS” or a “Endometriosis”, etc patient.  Our Functional Medicine practice requires us to look at you as a whole person, look for the actual causative factors that may underlie your hormone symptoms.  

Try these 5 suggestions on How To Reduce Your Hormone Symptoms:

1.)    Take your oral temperature upon awakening and before you get out of bed, then again at 4-5 pm and at bedtime for 3-4 days. Does Is it average 98.6’? If not this can be an indication of a low functioning thyroid even though you may have been told your thyroid blood tests are normal.  

2.)     Do you wake up feeling tired and not rested?  Your brain has to sleep in order to fully repair its self.  A large portion of our patients literally haven’t gotten good brain rest for  months even years, Adrenal Fatigue and even Adrenal Failure can be a major causative factor.  What you eat or drink during the day and evening may be a one of the major problems. So try reducing, by 50% or more (better yet eliminate), nicotine, caffeine, sugar, wheat and dairy, just for a few days as a test to see if you feel better.  Sugar and caffeine are often used to keep one going throughout the day but it actually adds additional stress to an already overloaded adrenal system.

3.)    Exercise to break a sweat helps clear the body of toxins that can cause mental fog, lose short term memory and even lead to making poor decisions.

4.)    10-20 minutes of prayer, meditation or relaxation techniques can recharge you; help calm your body and brain.  

5.)    Drink plenty of filtered water. How much is the right amount?  Drink ½ your body weight in ounces per day (if you weigh 200 lbs. that’s 100 oz.s of water).  Please use only water, not soft drinks or “energy drinks”, these add stress to you liver which in turn stresses you adrenals…making you tired, mentally fogged……..

and as a BONUS,

6.)   Most importantly, you must have time just for you, EVERY DAY.  Go to the gym, take a 30 minute walk, go into your bedroom and shut the door put on headphones if necessary, don’t allow any interruptions, spend time with your pet, they can be incredibly calming.  Doing one of these on a regular/daily basis, can reinvigorate you to continue on with less stress for the rest of the day. 

7.)  Give yourself a break, stop searching the internet, it can be very confusing.  Most of the time it doesn’t end with you getting the specific help you need.  We have patient’s who come into our office with bags of supplements, none give good lasting help and worse of all can run into the hundreds of dollars in cost.  Talk to a Doctor with 30 years in practice, chances are he/she can get you started on the right foot.

Try these suggestions, they may sound simplistic, but can be very powerful and help very quickly to reduce your suffering.

Rather not do it yourself, many of our patients have already tried it.  Call us, if we are busy with other patients, please leave a message.  Make sure to let us know between what times you can be reached, so when one of our Doctors calls you back, we won’t be playing phone tag.

Sometimes, with work and family schedules, it’s difficult to take time out to see a Doctor.  So we are offering Limited Saturday Appointments in our Cherry Creek office, where you can get a no charge consultation with a board certified Doctor to discover how to reduce hormone symptoms.