Hi Dr. Baird and Hollstrom,

kimberly-lefler-testimonialI put a review on Google for you but was unfortunately limited on the length so I thought I would send you the original LONG review so you could share with all of your patients..

I don’t even know where to start and I hope I am not restricted to the number of characters in this review because there is so much to say about this place. Where do I start….

First, I knew for quite sometime that I was going through “The Change” as we call it and I guess I was, like most of us, fighting the idea that I could be going through Menopause/Pre Menopause. So I just ignored the symptoms and tried my best to get along with my life with these hindrances which were not little hindrances by any definition of the word. Well, it came to a breaking point for me recently and I had a colleague of mine made mention the Bio Identical Hormone pellets. After doing some research on the pellets I determined that was not the way I wanted to go, I mean, I could not imagine putting a large doses of something into my body that I could not remove if something went terribly wrong with it. The thought of it actually scared me…6 months of anguish if that went awry, NO WAY!
So, on a Saturday afternoon after doing more research I found the Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado. I checked out their website and filled out the form to have someone contact me. No more than 30 minutes later Dr. Hollstrom called me to talk about my symptoms. Blew me away…A Saturday call from a Doctor?!! I was Impressed to say the least. She talked me through everything I was feeling and validated my thoughts on where my body was in its aging process. It was like instant relief of everything that I had been carrying emotionally and physically for the last few years dealing with these symptoms. I immediately made an appointment with them and met with them that next week. Upon entering their office I could tell it was a warm environment and not some stuffy place that was more concerned with themselves then their patients. Their front desk lady was extremely kind and made you feel at home instantly. I went back to be seen and met with Dr. Baird. He listened to me for about a half an hour (No exaggeration) telling him everything that I was feeling on many levels. He then brought out a pen and paper and started drawing out these diagrams explaining how hormones work and what effects them. By the end of it I completely understood the what & how. The even better part is that I can explain it to others who are having the same symptoms because it was broken down into something even I could understand. After meeting Dr. Baird I finally met Dr. Hollstrom and she went into even more detail about the tests and what they were hoping to find out. Man did I get an education. They then recommended that I have Blood work done and a saliva test. When I had done the research on the pellets they only recommended blood work which can apparently be misleading without the Saliva test. So, I did the tests and went back after the results were received. I met with Dr. Baird first this time and he broke down the hormone deficiencies in my body from the Saliva test and recommended a treatment plan based off of my test results. Then Dr. Hollstrom saw me and broke down the deficiencies in my blood work. I had no idea that all of these small deficiencies in my body could wreak such havoc. I was given separate Bio Identical hormones that were individualized meaning they weren’t lumped together into one cream. I thought this to be rather inconvenient until I went back for my follow up and told Dr Hollstrom what I was experiencing on the meds. She then simply changed the dose on one of the meds and I carried on. I see now why they do that. I didn’t have to buy any additional meds when they needed to make a change because they weren’t compounded together. Genius and my wallet loved it too.

Since meeting with them and following their medical advice here is what I have gained:

• The “FOG” that surrounds my life is gone completely. No more forgetfulness for me. I can complete sentences now without losing my train of thought and I remember names like nobody’s business.

• I have an extreme amount of energy now. THANK GOD!!!! I have 2 business’s I run (barely at best before this) that are now thriving because I can finally keep up with again.

• No more hot flashes

• I am actually sleeping at night, to the point of waking up in the same position I went to sleep in. That never happened before this.

• The anxiety, insecurity and second guessing of myself is gone gone gone!

In short, I’m laughing at the “In short” comment I just made because we all know this is the longest review known to man, take care of yourself. This may be the way a body ages but we do not have to resolve to agree to it without a fight first. Seeing Dr. Hollstrom and Dr. Baird at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado was the best decision ever. I keep telling everyone I know when they make comments in the change in my demeanor that I feel like a million bucks and it’s all thanks to them. They gave me my life back!

Kimberly Lefler
Loan Officer
V.I.P. Mortgage, Inc.
9362 Teddy Lane, Ste 201
Lone Tree, CO 80124
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Rocky R.

This husband and wife duo are the real deal!!! I HIGHLY recommend them! They are like family when you walk in, they not only help you through figuring out natural hormone replacements or food allergy testing, they truly care for each and every patient. They take their time to get to know you. You don’t

Kimberly Lefler

I don’t even know where to start and I hope I am not restricted to the number of characters in this review because there is so much to say about this place. Where do I start…. First, I knew for quite sometime that I was going through “The Change” as we call it and I

Kimberly Lefler

Matthew Clark

Hi Dr. Cheri and Dr. Dale, I’m writing to thank you for the wonderful work you have done to improve my quality of life. It’s been 3 months now since I completed your HCG Program mixed with the food allergy testing and supplements you prescribed after reviewing my blood work. During your program I lost

Matthew Clark

Leah R.

I spent a while searching for a clinic that was most affordable and I found this one, however, there is no decrease in quality. I was desperate to find someone who could help with my PMS before opting to get psychiatric medicine for the depression and sleeping issues I experienced once a month just before