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Thank you for visiting  our site.  At the Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado, you will be treated as the special person your are, no uninterested staff or Doctors here to make you feel like you just need to “buck it up”, get some rest (take a sleeping pill) and stop complaining (take an anti-depressive med).  Life does change as we get older (these changes can start as early as your early 30’s) and for a lot of us, yes we have gone through this too, these transitions through life can be very painful… mentally, emotionally and physically.  We can’t tell you the number of times a patient has sat in the consultation room with us and sobbed the entire time, they feel so bad and can’t get answers or find help.  In our practice you won’t be treated as just a “estrogen”, “menopause”, “thyroid”, “MS”,“PCOS” or a “Endometriosis”, etc, patient, rather our “Functional Medicine” practice requires us to look at you as a whole person, look for the actual causative factors that may underlie your symptoms with a goal of avoiding unnecessary medications, teach you why your body is doing what it’s doing and how to take care of yourself.

To Speak with Dr Dale Baird call or text to 303-601-8117,

To Speak with Dr Cheri R Hollstrom call or text to 720-308-1138.

The best method is by text.  During the week our Board Certified Doctors are seeing patients and may not be able to answer the phone right away, but they will call you during their down times.  It’s ok to call/text on Saturdays from 9am-6pm .  Our goal is to get back to you within 10 minutes. If that isn’t possible, as a back up, it’s imperative you leave contact information and a date and Time Range you can be reached.  The Doctors will only try to reach you 2 times.  If unsuccessful, will follow with an email to verify they did attempt to reach you.

We do have Saturday hours for New Patients only, subsequent visits must be scheduled during our regular office hours, Mon-Thur 9-6, Friday 9-12.

Sorry, No calls/texts will be returned on Sundays, usually.

We are conveniently located within 20-30 minutes from most locations in the Metro Denver area.

8778 W Wolff Ct, Suite 100, Westminster, CO 80031


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