“Dr. Dale and Dr. Cheri are two of the most incredible doctors I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Over the past five years, I have gone to four other doctors who basically said that I was “perfectly healthy.” But I knew something was going on with my body! At NHRCC, I had the complete opposite experience then at the other clinics. Dr. Dale and Dr. Cheri really took the time to get to know my personal ailments, and to discover the best treatment plan for me. Over the past 6 months of working with them, I have had so much improvement with my health! I am no longer nauseous, as we took foods that I am sensitive to out of my diet. My thyroid is beginning to function again, I have much more mental clarity, and my memory is slowly, but surely, returning again! Also, my hormone levels have definitely improved- with much more stable emotions (fewer highs and lows). There are so many amazing benefits that have occurred since beginning to work with them. Because of all of their amazing work they do, I have referred multiple family members, friends, clients, and even strangers to them as I value the work that they do. The fact that they truly care for their patients is beyond priceless! Thank you Dr. Cheri, Dr. Dale, and staff- I am so grateful for all that you do!” Lesley W.