Thyroid Hormone Therapy

Thyroid Hormone Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) should always involve an in-depth Thyroid evaluation (Panel). The Thyroid Gland plays a major role in virtually all cells.  It’s effect in metabolism is unmatched by any other hormone gland.  Lying in the front of your neck, just above your collar bone, problems with it can usually be seen as a swelling or lump.  Some people may have difficulty swallowing due to enlargement of the gland itself or by small bumps (nodules) that grow on it.  If the evaluation shows negative results you should consider Thyroid Hormone Therapy.

Hair loss, loss of the outer eyebrows and weight gain around the abdomen can be an unfortunate early complication of thyroid disease.

A very delicate and complex gland is responsible, among others for;

basal metabolic functioning,
controls energy usage,
helps makes proteins,
and decides how and when your body interreacts with other hormones.

These processes are achieved with the help of two (2) main Thyroid Gland products;

Triiodothyronine (T3),
and Thyroxine (T4),

All cells have “receptor sites” for these two thyroid gland hormones, if these sites are blocked (usually by T3-produced during high stress, post surgically or with High/Low cortisol levels) your Doctor may have trouble getting your Thyroid levels balanced especially if they only tests for TSH levels.  This in turn has a cascade effect, the other hormones may not function completely.

Common symptoms;

Fatigue Weight gain,
Hair loss or unhealthy looking hair,
Foggy Memory,
Sleep disturbances (can’t get to sleep within 20 minutes without sleep aides, wake up at 2-3 am, can’t get back to sleep and waking up not feeling rested)
Needing numerous dose change,

The Doctors at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado ( are specialists in Thyroid Hormone Therapy as it relates […]

Menopause Treatment at My Age?

Menopause Treatment at My Age?
By Dr Dale Baird
Are you experiencing signs of hormonal imbalance with night sweats, hot flashes, foggy brain, loss of memory, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, loss of menses, irritability and sleep difficulties? Other symptoms that you can experience are dryness, lack of desire and intimacy also loss of lean muscle mass. Hormone balancing using natural menopause treatment can help slow the aging process and appearance of facial and neck lines.
Hormone Testing
These many symptoms are indications of stress and aging on the body and can indicate hormone imbalances. Menopause treatment consists of First Testing your individual hormone levels to find the imbalances. The testing consists of estrone, estradiol, estriol, Progesterone, Testosterone, 17-hyroxyprogesterone and Androstenedione, Another for sleep and one for boosting Testosterone. The 16 hour Cortisol stress curve is an important addition as it gives us an idea how you handle your stress in your day. Menopause Treatment consists of adding bioidentical hormones to balance your hormones. Your thyroid and adrenal health also need to be checked and balanced for health. Bioidentical hormone menopause treatment consists of plant sourced ingredients that correctly match your molecular structure of your hormones. This bioidential hormone treatment is very safe and effective because of this specificity that gives you the same function as your own hormones.
Bioidentical Hormones
With your menopause treatment your body will recognize these bioidentical hormones allowing them to bind correctly and communicate the same with your own cell hormone receptors. Your body will use these hormones naturally which then gives the same responses in your body as your own hormones and in providing all the vitalizing support to your cells, tissues and organs. Thus allowing overall better function of your body.

Menopause treatment with bioidentical […]

Are you experiencing NIGHT SWEATS?

Are you experiencing NIGHT SWEATS?
By Dr Dale Baird
Do you wake up or does your husband wake you up and you find you have drenched the sheets? Your sleep is disrupted and can be difficult getting back to sleep. The continued night sweats over time can lead to chronic sleep deprivation. Can the symptoms of night sweats be part of going thru the menopausal process or does it point to hormone imbalance during a major life change where women are going from a reproductive cycle to non-child bearing status?

What other signs in addition to Night Sweats are indicators of low hormone levels and/ or hormonal imbalances between the hormones. The number 1 complaint is weight gain that is unexplained and usually accumulates around the torso and is found to be very resistant to diet and exercise. Another complaint is memory issues, feeling like you are in a mental fog with short term memory loss and difficulty with multitasking at work and at home. A familiar complaint is mood swings for no reason you can identify that can be severe with episodes that leave you feeling depressed with low self-image. Patients also state a feeling of low self-esteem, reduced motivation; stamina and interest in the world around you often with day-long fatigue despite feeling they have gotten enough sleep.

To find the cause of your night sweats, a complimentary initial consultation is offered at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado that includes a thorough past and present and family medical history. Genetics, past and present nutritional status and certain life experiences may also play a contributory role in finding a way back to health.

If the Doctor feels that we can help you they will make an initial […]

Do I have to Live with these Hot Flashes?

Are these Hot Flashes for Real and do I have to Live with them?
By Dr Dale Baird
Hot flashes are irritating and a nuisance. Hot flashes usually occur during the daytime and you can experience one or more times throughout the day. For no apparent reason you feel yourself start to perspire and then break into a sweat that can last seconds and up to minutes in length. You can also have night sweats where you wake up in bed and you soak the sheets. Then having to change the sheets, sleep is interrupted and then try and go back to sleep. This can be one of the reasons you can be tired in the mornings.

Along with the hot flashes you can have foggy brain, forgetfulness and sleep disruption that can lead to sleep deprivation. Depression, anxiety, weight gain, lack of energy, dryness, and loss of motivation are also frequent complaints of women suffering from hot flashes. These symptoms can surround the condition called menopause and denotes the years surrounding the time in life where hormone levels are decreasing and may have become imbalanced.
Hormone Testing
They are an indication for testing of your hormone levels in a comprehensive panel that includes three different estrogen levels, testosterone, progesterone, androstenedione, 17 -hydroxyprogesterone, dihydroxytestosterone, androstenedione, Another for Sleep and one that is essential for Testosterone production. A 16 hour adrenal cortisol stress test that measures 4 cortisol levels during the day until bedtime can be added in order to assess the health of your adrenal glands and your ability to handle the stress in your life. Cortisol is an essential hormone for energy and our fight or flight mechanism.
Thyroid Function Testing
Your hot flashes can also be an indication of […]

Do You Have A Weight Problem that Just Won’t Go Away?

Do You Have A Weight Problem that Just Won’t Go Away?
By Dr Dale Baird
Are Your Food Allergies Causing A Weight Problem?

Food Allergies are a growing concern with Weight Problem in the United States today. One type of allergy is for the most part silent, meaning you don’t know you have hidden food allergies until you are tested for “IgG Delayed Food Allergies”. There are two types of allergic food reactions to be concerned with:

The first, involves an immediate reaction (called IgE antibody reaction). You have heard of people with deadly peanut allergies or hives when eating strawberries. This type of reaction, thankfully, is rare.
 The second type of allergic reaction (delayed or IgG antibody) can cause an inability to lose weight, heartburn, brain fog, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s or Celiac Disease, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and are much more common allergic reactions. The cause in part is due to delayed food allergens that produce inflammation in our gut and body for up to 4 days after eating them. These delayed food allergies are the ones that have been linked to autoimmune diseases, allergic asthma, arthritis and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s and Celiac Disease.

Your success with weight loss can depend on whether or not you have food allergies.  We recommend testing you before you start your weight loss/metabolic reset program.  Please call Natural hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado to schedule your food allergy testing today.