hormone replacement therapy near meIf you are looking for Hormone Replacement Therapy Near Me then you’ve come to the right place.  Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado (NHRCC) is conveniently located in Broomfield, Colorado just 16 miles from Denver off US Highway 36, at Wadsworth Blvd, Colorado 121 and US 287. So, we’re very close to the Rocky Mountain Airport, Interlocken Business Park, and Flatirons Crossing Mall.

At NHRCC we offer telemedicine to our patients to enhance their health and well-being. By being available thru telemedicine we can help a greater number of men and women. The functional medicine doctors at NHRCC look at you as a whole person, assessing your past and present medical history, your current issues and your goals for your health. Each person is unique to their own genetics.

Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

To know, your specific needs, we will test, analyze and recommend specific natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy near me to balance and optimize your levels. The testing of your gut health also looks for inflammation and for food toxicities indicating a leaky gut syndrome, IBS or Crohn’s Disease. With your hormone and gut health results we will address your issues of hot flashes, night sweats, brain fog, insomnia, low sex drive and weight gain. 

Hormone Imbalance

You may have other issues with hormone imbalance that improve with hormone replacement therapy near me that can include irritability, low mood, lack of motivation, lack of energy, anger issues, sleep disturbances and increasing weight. Patients frequently describe not wanting to get out of bed and start their day. They often have low energy after lunch and when their friends call to go out after dinner, they have no energy to go. As part of your salivary hormone panel we test your levels of cortisol four times throughout the day giving us a graph of your energy level. We also test for the sleep hormone melatonin along with testosterone, three different estrogens, progesterone, androstenedione, and DHEA. 

PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome), can be identified in young women thru salivary hormone testing. With PCOS we find hormone imbalance between male hormones and female hormones. These patients often have skin breakouts, acne or cystic acne. They can have an increase in hair growth on their face, painful heavy periods and ovulation issues. Patients respond well when treated naturally with nutraceuticals and natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy specific to their body’s needs. 

Contact Us

The Doctors at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado are here to help you on your path to get well.  We offer a no charge initial consultation by telemedicine with our Doctors to discuss your concerns and health issues. If we feel we can help you then we will accept you as a patient. Please call our Office Manager, Rebecca @ 303-460-0867 to schedule your appointment.