Memory Loss

Memory Loss

Forgetfulness is often accepted as just another part of growing older, but the truth is that if you are suffering from memory loss and/or fogginess of the mind to the extent that it is affecting your day to day life then you could be suffering from the effects of a hormone imbalance. Some common examples of the type of short term memory loss that can be triggered by hormones would be losing your train of though in the middle of a sentence, forgetting where you have parked your car or maybe persistently losing misplacing items around the house. The good news is that it is very likely that bioidentical hormone replacement therapy can help you to overcome this foggy feeling that you have been having of late.

hormone-replacement-therapy-treatmentsMemory Loss and Menopause

During the menopause, estrogen deficiency can cause all manner of memory problems including, but not limited to poor concentration, mood swings, difficulty thinking of the correct word you want to use, short term memory loss, mental fatigue and fogging. This is fairly common and nothing to be overly concerned about.

Many women keep these symptoms to themselves because they are worried that it might be the first signs of something far more serious such as Alzheimer’s Disease or Dementia. However, while this cannot be completely ruled out, it is far more likely that these memory loss symptoms are simply the result of a hormone imbalance. There is no reason to waste any more time worrying about whether or not you are losing your mind! Instead, you could be looking into natural hormone replacement therapy to alleviate your memory loss and other symptoms.

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