Cortisol, Weight Gain and Hormone Balance


Is Cortisol the Reason I Gain Weight?

We all have stress. Our life style has changed dramatically in just the last 3 generations. Humans have always had stress….going back 1000’s of generations to the Paleolithic era when ancient humans developed a protective mechanism to either stay and fight or run when having to respond quickly to major threats. Adrenaline and Cortisol are the hormones the body designed for the commonly referred to  “fight or flight” response. Unfortunately for us humans now, this genetically controlled response is accompanied by another phenomenon or survival instinct…..storing fat for energy with fluid retention. Although immediate intense stress can cause a temporary loss of appetite, chronic stress leads to an increase in appetite, especially for comfort foods high in sugar/fructose and fats.

So, yes Cortisol does play a role in weight gain, but here’s the problem; Cortisol is a hormone and it works in combination with these other hormones, Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone. Deficiencies or excesses in any one of these can influence levels of the others. Hormone imbalance, especially with low estradiol levels, may be the true cause of continued weight gain.

How Do I Stop the Weight Gain?

Without proper hormone balance, altering your diet/caloric intake and adding exercise (even heavy exercise) won’t help you lose weight in the short term and especially not in the long term. But bringing your estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, sleep hormone and one essential for Testosterone production to more optimum levels, will usually stop the weight gain. You will feel like the old you, diet and exercise will be much more effective and enjoyable.

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