Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Symptoms of Hormone Imbalance

Symptoms of hormone imbalance can be dramatic sometimes coming on seemingly over night with night sweats, hot flashes, disrupted sleep and brain fog.  As discussed more on our Female Hormone Replacement page, subtle changes can be loss of sex drive, weight gain, mood swings, anger issues and lack of motivation. Hormone imbalance can be felt as being out of touch with the world and not fully present in your life. Brain fog is a general term for people who do not feel as sharp as they did before, word recall is more difficult, mental acuity and memory are affected. Multitasking can become more difficult.

Hormone imbalance

Hormone imbalance and years of inflammation from our foods can speed up the aging process. Hormone imbalances with food toxicities affects our gut health and our immune system and can be a  cause of neuroinflammation speeding up the aging process. Over the years hormone imbalance show loss of muscle tone, loose skin, face and neck wrinkling, loss of lean muscle and stamina.

Hormones that help

Symptoms of hormone imbalance may first show up with a diagnosis of osteopenia and osteoporosis. Some of the hormones that help with keeping bones strong are estrogens, progesterone and the prohormone Vitamin D.  Or they may show themselves around puberty and beyond as PCOS, which stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome and endometriosis. Symptoms of hormone imbalance before perimenopause can include cystic acne, facial breakouts, PMS, heavy bleeding, cramping, weight gain, irritable bowel syndrome and increased facial hair.

The doctors at Natural Hormone Clinics of Colorado understand these connections contributing to your health. Our doctors use a functional medicine approach to get to the cause of your symptoms of hormone imbalance. We offer a no charge initial consultation with our doctor to discuss your past and current medical history, symptoms and your goals for health.

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