4  Facts about the two Menopause symptoms:
Hot Flashes and Night Sweats

  1. Having PMS during the first 10 years of your menses (relates to early hormone imbalances), increases your chances of having worse Hot Flashes and Night Sweats (Menopause symptom),
  2. When normal levels of the three main hormones of menstruation (estriol, estradiol and Progesterone) begin to decrease, women begin to experience symptoms of Hot Flashes and Night Sweats.  “Estrogen Dominance” means normal estrogen and progesterone ratios (200-400) decrease dramatically.  Allowing estrogen to become very high with respect to Progesterone.  This is potentially dangerous  as estrogen levels may drop by 40% as compared to a 90% drop in Progesterone.  Sleep disturbances; unable to get to sleep and unable to stay asleep and wake up tired is reflected in this imbalance.   These hormone levels are often worsened by menopause.
  3. Cortisol stress hormone levels at night can also keep you awake, lack of good deep sleep promotes hot flashes and night sweats.  Daytime low Cortisol levels leads to tiredness and foggy memory, called adrenal fatigue or exhaustion. Stress affects cortisol levels both at night and throughout the day and can lead to abdominal, thigh and buttocks weight gain before and during menopause.
  4. Do you eat close to bed time?  Are you up after going to sleep looking for something to eat?  This can be a symptom of the imbalance of Insulin.  Insulin Resistance signals sugar imbalances and eventually Type 2 Diabetes and is called Metabolic Syndrome which does cause Hot Flashes and Night Sweats and can add belly, thigh and buttocks pounds quickly.

Once our bodies begin moving on from the child bearing age of 14-40,  there is no longer any reason why the average man and women should experience on going symptoms of worsening hormone imbalances.   The science of anti-aging has rapidly progressed, we now have a better understanding of the multiplicity of Hot Flashes and Night Sweats (hormone imbalance) causes and matching Natural treatment options.  Combined with realistic weight loss expectations, developing and making better food choices/eating habits and following a regular and frequent exercise routine, you can be virtually symptom free.

You don’t need to suffer any longer.  The Doctors at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado are here to help.

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