Advanced Natural Hormone Care Book

Advanced Natural Hormone CareIf you are searching for an answer as to why you don’t feel good, or why medical and/or alternative
treatments aren’t working for you. This book is for you!

It will give you answers to questions you are not getting from your Doctor. Treatment doesn’t have to
be complicated or something only your family doctor understands.

Your searching online has helped but is missing something.

With this book you will find out what this missing link is.

You will understand your symptoms by understanding what they mean. What is your body trying to tell

All cells need hormones to help them perform their duties. This is especially important if you are

The stresses we face now compared to just 3 generations ago are much greater.
Stress robs you of these essential communicators…but they can also, when balanced, protect you from
stress. Without them your cells don’t know what to do. Is your skin dry and wrinkly? Do you need
some expensive 2 oz miracle cream? Or is there a more natural solution? There is a hormonal

In this book the Functional Medicine Doctors of the Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of
Colorado make the process of “feeling better” simpler.

Have you or a loved one been through the standard medical chain of Doctors and Specialists, ending up
with either “can’t find anything wrong with you” or a prescription for a medication that either doesn’t
work or has stopped working. Are you taking multiple supplements, and don’t know why you are taking

We certainly aren’t against the use of medications, however, why not see what ‘Mother Nature’ can do
first, before opting for potentially dangerous substances with serious side effects?
Do you “eat healthy”? How do you know? What is healthy for you, or your family? This book will give
you the answer.

Food is medicine but can also be toxic.
Why should you not eat GMO foods and grains? You will find out why.

Functional Medicine refocuses from traditional medicine by using 21 century testing. Testing that
looks for the actual cause of your complaints rather than looking at you as just someone born with low
levels of Xanax, Prozac, Prilosec etc.

The pages of this book will help you find that missing link.

In Health,

Dr. Dale Baird & Dr. Cheri Hollstrom

Dr Dale and Dr Cheri