Food Allergies lead to unwanted pounds and even physical acute and chronic illness.  Men and Women often complain that no matter what,” I just can’t lose the weight!”

WE are  overfed and undernourished leading to low energy, weight gain, mental fogging, fatigue and illness. When we eat our allergic foods along with the SAD Diet, (Sad American Diet) it leads to pain,inflammation and fatigue. America, Canada and many other countries have gone to a diet high in refined carbohydrates, low fat and antibiotic ridden meats/proteins. We add GMO ( Genetically Modified Organisms) foods to that, which are also laden with pesticides and pretend that it is possible to be healthy.  When we develop a set of symptoms, Medicine names it ABC disease. Now with a diagnosis it can be treated with drugs to relieve symptoms. This, quite likely, covers up the cause of the illness, which is most likely multifaceted.

Eating Your food allergies will spoil your Holiday Season leading to gastrointestinal symptoms such as leaky gut syndrome, blood sugar imbalances, desensitization to insulin, candidiasis (yeast overgrowth) which decrease proper absorption and utilization of nutrients and yields a compromised immune system. The Gut has to be healed for Health and Longevity.

Don’t let Food Allergies become a problem.  Seek professional advice for proper diagnosis and guidance.