Could It Be Menopause?

could it be menopauseMenopause is a term that is well known in women but when we are experiencing hot flashes, night sweats, weight gain, foggy mind and poor sleep to list a few, it becomes very personal and up close real fast. These are some of the symptoms of the change as women go from the ability to child bear to non-childbearing and as a result some women experience some or all of these symptoms. The menopause transition is not complete until you have missed your period for 12 months in a row. In healthy individuals this time can be easy and with no symptoms. These are the lucky women. For the rest of us, when we have these types of symptoms its our body’s way of telling us we have a hormonal imbalance. These changes that we feel we call menopause. Men and women both say they feel less vital than they did a year ago. Another common complaint of menopause in women is Low sex drive, lack of motivation at work to move forward in your career and menopause can put a strain on any marriage. Sleep loss, hormone imbalance along with sleep deprivation and chronic fatigue can make us irritable, short tempered and can contribute to the early signs of aging.

We wonder why we are not getting the results or progress we expect in the gym when we are in menopause. By identifying the Hormone imbalances when we are in menopause becomes imperative for relief and to help us transition to a post-menopausal state. When the hormone imbalances are identified in menopause, they can be effectively supported with natural bioidentical hormone therapy and with natural nutraceuticals. The weight gain around the middle in both men and women and weight gain around hips is an important sign of hormone imbalances. We test for imbalances of many hormones in our body such as insulin, thyroid hormones, glucose, HgBA1C, 3 different kinds of estrogen, progesterone, DHEA, Melatonin, Testosterone, Androstenedione and a 16-hour cortisol curve. Leaky Gut Syndrome can also be a contributing cause in making menopause and memory problems worse and making losing weight incredibly hard due to the bloating and fluid retention from the foods we are eating and that we are intolerant to even if the food is good for us.

We like to recommend creams, lozenges and nutraceuticals for natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. With our method here at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado we can adjust dosages and recommendations monthly or as needed throughout the treatment period instead of having to get a booster insertion or wait for the next pellet insertion. We offer a free initial consultation with our Doctor to see if you are a candidate for natural hormone replacement therapy. If we feel we can help you the Doctor will recommend any testing, you may need. Please call Rebecca, our office manager, at 303-460-0867 to schedule for your free initial consultation. We look forward to meeting with you and your significant. For further information on Menopause Treatments please visit our website at