Estrogen Hormone Therapy is a very specific therapy used by Drs at Natural Hormone Replacement Centers and Clinics to treat any imbalance or deficiencey of this very powerful female hormone.  Of all the female hormones, estrogen is the strongest.  It accounts for women’s secondary sexual characteristics.  It is in great abundance in early years of life but in the years prior to menopause she will notice many and varied symptoms as a result of diminishing concentrations.

The term estrogen actually refers to over 22 different known estrogen compounds.  The three most common are estradiol, estriol and estrone.  Where estradiol is many many times more potent than estriol, the weakest.  Estradiol is the main ingredient in contraceptives.

Estrogen in women is produced in primarily two locations, the ovaries and in the adrenal glands.  Women who have had a hysterectomy, where the ovaries have been removed, its, primarily, the adrenal glands that takes over and make estrogens available.

The problem is when a woman is under excessive stress the adrenal glands may not produce enough estrogen.  With estrogen in low concentrations she will start noticing symptoms of low libido, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, difficulty getting to sleep, often waking up in 2 to 3 HRS and having difficulty getting back to sleep anddepression.  It’s not uncommon for her Physician to misinterpret her symptoms and prescribe anti-depressants and sleeping pills.  Weight gain for most menopausal women is common.  No matter how hard she works out, no matter how strict with her caloric intake the weight just seems to not come off.  Most men do not understand this process and in many cases are not very supportive.

So the key to hormone replacement therapy is after a consultation followed by a complete physical exam, is to order sophisticated blood and tissue tests to determine exact hormone levels.  Once these tests have been performed it’s a relatively easy matter of recommending nutriceuticals and the pharmaceuticals to help control symptoms.  Remember regular and frequent exercise combined with common sense diet and lifestyle modification is a must to bring about a more quality of life.

Estrogen Hormone Therapy can be a Natural hormone treatment and with little or no  side effects.  Pharmaceutical hormones have many, sometimes deadly, side-effects.  So look for a estrogen hormone therapy clinic that focuses on combines naturalhormone  treatments, using medications as a backup.   Remember, hormone balance doesn’t always require the use of pharmaceutical based hormones, all-natural treatments can be very effective.