Estrogen is one of many hormones in our body.  It’s main job is to give women there uniqueness from men.  All the secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts, eye color, body shape, ability to carry, nourish and protect a developing embryo, soon to be child are some of the myriads of functions needed to by female.  It’s also found in Men, luckily in small quantities. 

Estrogen helps in bone development, when in lower quantities can be related to the dreaded Osteoporosis, that can be devastating to the elderly.

When Estrogen levels are low, especially after Menopause, women develop symptoms of Estrogen depletion; vaginal dryness, low or no libido, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, weight gain around abdomen, thighs, hips and upper arms.

A simple hormone blood serum or saliva test can easily detect determine what exact levels are bio-available.  Check with a local, trained, Doctor in Natural Hormone Replacement to determine whether or not you have low Estrogen levels.