Night sweatsAre you experiencing NIGHT SWEATS?

By Dr Dale Baird
Do you wake up or does your husband wake you up and you find you have drenched the sheets? Your sleep is disrupted and can be difficult getting back to sleep. The continued night sweats over time can lead to chronic sleep deprivation. Can the symptoms of night sweats be part of going thru the menopausal process or does it point to hormone imbalance during a major life change where women are going from a reproductive cycle to non-child bearing status?

What other signs in addition to Night Sweats are indicators of low hormone levels and/ or hormonal imbalances between the hormones. The number 1 complaint is weight gain that is unexplained and usually accumulates around the torso and is found to be very resistant to diet and exercise. Another complaint is memory issues, feeling like you are in a mental fog with short term memory loss and difficulty with multitasking at work and at home. A familiar complaint is mood swings for no reason you can identify that can be severe with episodes that leave you feeling depressed with low self-image. Patients also state a feeling of low self-esteem, reduced motivation; stamina and interest in the world around you often with day-long fatigue despite feeling they have gotten enough sleep.

To find the cause of your night sweats, a complimentary initial consultation is offered at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado that includes a thorough past and present and family medical history. Genetics, past and present nutritional status and certain life experiences may also play a contributory role in finding a way back to health.

If the Doctor feels that we can help you they will make an initial recommendation for testing of hormones. These results will help determine the best course of treatment utilizing natural bio-identical hormones and supportive nutrition. Please call today #303-460-0867.