A hormone testing clinic is a  facility, Center or Clinic specializing in treating hormone problems in humans of all ages.  These facilities very rarely deal with endocrine related diseases.  Endocrine diseases are treated by medical specialists with training in tumors, cancers and congenital hormone developmental problems. 

Testing in a hormone testing clinic involves looking at human function by analyzing blood, blood serum and tissue content.  Blood and blood serum tests involve drawing blood out of veins in the arm and having the specimen analyzed my local blood laboratory.  Tissue content is analyzed most commonly by saliva cell testing.  Most all cells in the human body contain hormones, as hormones help direct cell function.  Any cell can be analyzed, however the most easily accessible ourselves in the saliva.  Results from blood testing can take several days to several weeks.  Saliva testing can use would be done within one week’s time.

Saliva testing is usually less expensive, however many Physicians have little knowledge or experience with saliva testing order the more expensive blood testing.

Hormone testing clinics can be found in any state.  Check with your local listings or Google “hormone testing clinic” to find one in your area.