Hormones are chemicals the body uses to direct our cells to perform various tasks.  The tasks performed involve almost every function, from insulin production to brain intellectual development.  They are in most abundance in our earlier years of life.  When we are young, we don’t really know how lucky we are to have fully functioning hormones.  But at age 47-53 for most women, they start going away, it’s called “in Menopause”(for men it’s andropause).  Symptoms of waxing and waning hormones are; weight gain, low or no energy, sleep disruption, no sexual desire, osteoporosis, heart disease, looking as if you’re rapidly aging.  There are many hormones (even Vitamin D is considered a hormone in some circumstances) but the main ones we usually deal with are the following; Estrogen, Testosterone, Progesterone, Sleep and Cortisol.  Both Estrogen and testosterone are derived from progesterone and Testoerone hormone precursers.  A healthy cholesterol level is important because all hormones are derived from it.

Estrogen is what makes a women different from a man, like wise Testosterone is what makes a man a man.  Both of them are involved with the osteoporosis as is progesterone.  All of these are very necessary for a healthy heart, brain, lungs, hormone system, digestive system.

As we age these hormones become less plentiful leading to the aging process.   “Hormone Replacement” is the medical process of re-establishing normal known hormone levels.  These levels are just about the same no matter what age you are!  So when you use hormones to establish normal levels, we are essentially rolling back the clock.

Hormone levels are dropping in younger age groups more than ever before.  Our clinic sees the equivalent of a 70 year old levels with males and females in their mid twenties.  More now than ever before, younger people are needing hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

HRT is not for everyone, some illnesses preclude hormones and hormone replacement.  Call an HRT specialty Doctor to see if you need your hormones levels measured.