What Are NeuroTransmitters?

By Dr Dale Baird

In the most basic of terms, Neurotransmitters are the chemical messaging service that the brain uses to control your body. Neurotransmitters are how our brains tell our heart to keep beating and how it tells our muscles which ones need to contract to allow us to walk around. Aside from controlling all of the inner workings of our bodies, neurotransmitters are also important for regulating our SLEEP, OBSESSIVE BEHAVIORS (excessive cravings, especially for sugar and/or salt, EAT TOO MUCH, CAN’T STOP SMOKING, CAN’T STOP ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION, ETC) moods, ANXIETY, our metabolism and even our MEMORY, MENTAL FOCUS AND concentration levels. When you understand just how hard they have to work it is easy to see how even a minor imbalance in the body’s neurotransmitters can cause problems. Unfortunately, there are many everyday things that can trigger such an imbalance including stress, unhealthy diet, toxins from foods and the environment and the consumption of alcohol, caffeine and genetic defects.

Think of the various parts of your body as a production line manned by lots of different workers. When communication breaks down, normal function is disrupted and can lead to unexpected and undesirable consequences. Therefore, when the balance of neurotransmitters is disrupted we often develop health concerns such as depression fatigue, anxiety, stress, headaches and immune deficiencies among others.

Neurotransmitter Testing

These symptoms can be the result of a variety of different imbalances in the nervous system which is why Neurotransmitter testing can lead to relief from such symptoms. The results of a Neurotransmitter test are best described as a unique neural fingerprint. The results can offer your hormone therapy Doctor with a massive amount of information. Testing is going to highlight which of your neurotransmitters are low and which are elevated allowing the cause to be pinpointed quickly and efficiently so that the appropriate treatment can begin.

Restoring Neurotransmitter Balance

Once the cause of the imbalance has been discovered there are a number of ways that balance can be restored. In most cases treatment can be done naturally, without the use of medications and include a combination of nutrition, lifestyle changes and therapeutic treatments. Following neurotransmitter testing your Doctor will be in a better position to suggest which course of action is going to be the most beneficial to you.

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