Therapy Hormone:

Therapy hormone refers to those therapies that are used by a hormone replacement doctor to help improve hormone imbalance.  The most common hormones used in “therapy hormone” are the following; estrogen (Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone), progesterone, Testosterone Pre-cursers, Testosterone, Sleep hormones, androstenidione, DHT, Cortisol and 17 -hydroxy progesterone.

Of all the therapy hormones, progesterone is the first one to start diminishing, usually around age 25-35.  By the time a female reaches menopause, her progesterone levels are usually very, very low.  With low levels of progesterone a woman may experience low libido, vaginal dryness, mental fogging, in ability to lose weight, can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep, and wakes up tired.  Her family Physician will usually treat these symptoms width anti-depressants and sleeping pills.  Supplementing with progesterone creams or pills, many or most of these symptoms will be dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Finding a Specialty Therapy Hormone Doctor who treats hormone Imbalances may not be easy.  Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been part of the medical specialties of Endocrinologists, Internists and Gynecologists.  However, these specialists are usually more concerned about congenital abnormalities, tumors, cancers or associated diseases.  Some even believe if there is no disease associated with the hormone imbalance there is no need for ANY treatment.  So hormone balancing in the absence of these parameters, are typically not of a high priority to them.  Family Physicians usually interpret these symptoms as depression or sleep deprivation or both and treat with sleeping pills or anti-depressants.

The best way is to find Therapy Hormone  Specialist is to ask your friends or check on the Internet.  Using the key word “HRT” or “hormone replacement therapy“, followed that by the name of the city were you reside will usually give you several choices.  Research as many doctors as you can before making any decision.  Call the doctor’s office talk with his staff and, where possible, ask to speak with one of the doctors.  Don’t be afraid to ask about costs, whether or not they bill insurance, do they have a financing program or anything else that you can think of that may affect you physically and financially.  Don’t be afraid to travel distances to meet with the doctor’s office that best fits your needs.

Look for a Therapy Hormone (HRT) doctor who uses natural bioidentical hormones with a higher priority over pharmaceuticals (Synthetic).  The science of ” Nutritional Biochemistry” has improved exponentially within the last 10 years.  Scientists are discovering every day more uses for vitamins, minerals, botanicals, homeopathic Tinctures, etc. Pharmaceuticals do help but they can have unnecessary side effects.

So the simple term “Therapy Hormone” can help you find relief through the science of hormone replacement therapy.

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