Do You Have A Weight Problem that Just Won’t Go Away?

By Dr Dale Baird
weight-problemAre Your Food Allergies Causing A Weight Problem?

Food Allergies are a growing concern with Weight Problem in the United States today. One type of allergy is for the most part silent, meaning you don’t know you have hidden food allergies until you are tested for “IgG Delayed Food Allergies”. There are two types of allergic food reactions to be concerned with:

  1. The first, involves an immediate reaction (called IgE antibody reaction). You have heard of people with deadly peanut allergies or hives when eating strawberries. This type of reaction, thankfully, is rare.
  2.  The second type of allergic reaction (delayed or IgG antibody) can cause an inability to lose weight, heartburn, brain fog, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s or Celiac Disease, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and are much more common allergic reactions. The cause in part is due to delayed food allergens that produce inflammation in our gut and body for up to 4 days after eating them. These delayed food allergies are the ones that have been linked to autoimmune diseases, allergic asthma, arthritis and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s and Celiac Disease.

Your success with weight loss can depend on whether or not you have food allergies.  We recommend testing you before you start your weight loss/metabolic reset program.  Please call Natural hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado to schedule your food allergy testing today.