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Can Hormone Replacement Therapy Help Me Feel Good Again?

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Yes, Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy Can Help!

No matter how young you are, your body is changing slowly every day.  What was once taken for granted, can soon, for most of us, change seemingly for the worse.   Aging is an unstoppable process. But we do have the ability to minimize your body’s response to it. By keeping our recommendations tied to the most recent clinical and research science advancements, you can be assured of maximized natural hormone replacement therapy treatment program success. Nutritional Biochemistry, Anti-Aging and Pain management medicine has been in the forefront of medical research for many years with new developments discovered almost daily. Your Doctors focus their efforts on this area of natural nutritional medicine, exclusively. We aren’t going to live forever, so why not maximize the quality of your life now?  With the way national health care insurance is going, who knows how good your coverage will be?  With hormone replacement therapy, you can be assured of the stability and the quality of our products and services. We do one thing and we do it very well – we help you manage the aging process (no matter what your age).

What happened to your figure, energy, enthusiasm for life, libido, eagerness for work, spouse or friends?  Take this test: Are you suffering from any of these symptoms? Check off your symptoms.


Weigh Gain- Increase in body fat around mid-section and Thighs
Hot Flashes and Sweats, especially at night
Tired most or all the time 
Decreased mental quickness
Mental Fogging under stress
Decreased desire for physical activity
Fatigue, feel run down
Decreased or lack of desire for intimacy (or ED in Men)
Menopause or Male Andropause
Trouble sleeping, staying asleep, wake up tired
Depression and Anxiety
Hair Loss
Joint Pain
Life just isn’t fun any more

Checking more than 5 of these symptoms could indicate a hormone imbalance!
Click on these links “Women” or “Men” or the tabs above to see if you have
any of the other serious symptoms associated with hormone imbalance.

What Is Natural Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)?

Hormone levels decline as we age.  Natural bioidentical hormone replacement therapy is designed to replenish and re-balance the hormones your body needs to function as it did when you were younger. Remember those days of feeling energetic, vibrant, strong, optimistic about the future? You can have a more energetic, healthier, more vibrant lifestyle again. No One (well there might be a few) is too far gone to improve their health status.

When a women’s body begins it’s journey down the road of Menopause (Premenopause, Perimenopause and Postmenopause), balancing a women’s estrogen (Estrone, Estradiol and Estriol), progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, melatonin, adrenal stress hormones and thyroid levels helps to return her to a healthy life and feeling of well-being. Bioidentical hormone replacement and balancing have been shown to eliminate HOT FLASHES and NIGHT SWEATS, calm down the “storms” of PMS and help you LOSE WEIGHT.

Natural bioidentical hormones are molecule-by-molecule, exactly the same as the hormones present in the human body. Through the use of physical exam, questionnaires and lab analysis, your Natural Hormone Replacement doctor will assess your individual needs and work to restore these hormones by customizing a treatment plan specifically for you.

Meet Dr. Cheri R Hollstrom DC and Dr. Dale F Baird Jr DC


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(303) 460-0867

Dr Baird is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M)

Low T CertificationsThe Doctors at Natural Hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado use only natural bio-identical versus bio-similar or synthetic (medications) hormones. Our Doctors  may be just the ones to verify what you have known all along….you don’t need antidepressants (although you may feel like you’re going crazy) or sleeping pills that make it difficult to get up the next day or be up and ready for what ever work tasks you need to do.  Unlike other HRT clinics in Denver, our Doctors will take the time (first visit is usually a full hour with the Doctor) help educate you…teach you about how your body functions and why what we do works so well, naturally. Using hormone medications can be dangerous and have undesirable side effects.  Natural Nutraceuticals have little or no side effects and are very effective in eliminating the symptoms listed in the above chart.

We are a Multidisciplinary Clinic with a MDs, DCs and PhDs work together to bring you the best in Anti-Aging, Functional Medicine and Natural Nutritional Medicine. All protocols followed in our hormone replacement therapy are designed to appeal to the young and old (wanting to feel younger). If you just want to lose 20 lbs, or feel good again with no pain, ability to handle stress, relate to family, friends and colleagues, return to a closer more intimate relationship with your partner, we are the clinic for you. Roll the calendar back, feel good again, just make a call, talking with our Doctor’s is FREE. All patient’s are treated as if they are family. We want to be your health providers not just for the short term but for years to come. We can’t do that if we don’t earn your trust.


With Natural Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT)in Denver…

Our prices are the best along the Front Range from Pueblo/Colorado Springs to Ft. Collins and Cheyenne, Wyoming, from Limon to Aspen, Colorado. Call us and compare. Affordable Financing is available through Care Credit.  We specialize in couples, why not Fall in Love All Over Again?  Get your hubby off the couch, call us today.

Free Consultation with one of our DoctorsWith Dr Hollstrom DC or Dr Baird DC

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Flexible Health Care Spending Account or Health Saving Account insurance may pay for most or all of our care. If you don’t have one of these accounts, your personal insurance may pay for some or all of your blood and/or urine testing. We also have financing with

*Free Thyroid Function Test ($125.00 Value) with Hormone Testing.



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• Menopause Symptoms

• Hot Flashes, Night Sweats

• Low or No Sex Drive

• "Low T" or Low Libido

• Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

• Always Tired

• Fatigue Easily

• Weight Loss

• Type 2 Diabetes

• Mental Fogging

• Short Term Memory Loss

Hypo/Hyper Thyroid

Hair Loss


Weight Loss Success

Tired all the Time, No Motivation,
Can't Sleep, Low Libido

Baby Boomers, Weight Loss, Hormone Replacement, Food Allergies

Hormone Replacement Therapy
Had a Slow Start but Good Ending

50 lb weight loss, BP Normalized, going off Metformin

Weight Loss maintained over 2+ years

Child with multiple previously unresolved abdominal and skin/sensory complaints. Treatment included food allergy testing and targeted pediatric spinal manipulation.

Hello my favorite doctors, I hope you're well. I know you've heard this from me ad nauseam but I just had to send you another note to tell you how much you have changed our family. _____ has worn pants, by choice mind you, for the past couple of weeks. This is monumental because it was the last standing piece of his sensory issues. My son hasn't been able to tolerate pants since he was an infant. It's just been so amazing to watch and transform right before eyes. And I just have to say thank you again. You know how much this amazing sweet family means to me and there has just been no greater gift than to watch them thrive. Now I have to switch to talk to text because I can't see through my tears filled eyes. :-) anyway I just wanted to say thank you and we love you guys so much. Have a great warm weekend.