What is Estrogen?

By Dr Dale Baird
Estrogen is one of many hormones in our body.  It’s main job is to give women there uniqueness from men.  All the secondary sexual characteristics, such as breasts, eye color, body shape, ability to carry, nourish and protect a developing embryo, soon to be child are some of the myriads of functions needed to by female.  It’s also found in Men, luckily in small quantities. 
Estrogen helps in bone development, when in lower quantities can be related to the dreaded Osteoporosis, that can be devastating to the elderly.
When Estrogen levels are low, especially after Menopause, women develop symptoms of Estrogen depletion; vaginal dryness, low or no libido, depression, anxiety, sleep problems, weight gain around abdomen, thighs, hips and upper arms.
A simple hormone blood serum or saliva test can easily detect determine what exact levels are bio-available.  Check with a local, trained, Doctor in Natural Hormone Replacement to determine whether or not you have low Estrogen levels.

What are the Dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy

By Dr Dale Baird
The Dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy only become evident when not getting help/advice from a trained, certified, medical professional.
When doing research on any thing medical, all of us want to know the good and the bad with anything, especially if it has to do with something being done to our on bodies.  I hear all the time “I try to stay away from medications as much as I can”.  But the truth is, when we are suffering, most of us are willing to try something, anything, to alleviate a problem, especially when pain or chronicity of unpleasant symptoms persist.
This attitude can be played on by purveyors of anything medical or medicinal.  Right here is where the dangers of hormone replacement therapy starts: 
1.  Willingness to undergo a program/procedure or take something you know little or nothing about.  Allowing yourself to differ your health to someone else.
2..  Knowing something medical or medicinal has reported dangerous side effects or risks but choosing to ignore them in the hopes all will be well.        Kinda like flying in foreign airlines with companies you have never heard of, like ones where the pilot is the ticket agent and baggage handler.
2.  Ignoring obvious warning signs without some investigation/research.  Being told you can obtain results that sound to good to be true; Having to pay, out front, large sums of money for services not explained thoroughly; accepting treatment from a Doctor whose specialty doesnt include Hormone Replacement Therapy (unless they have credentials from recognised organizations or schools).  Many family practice doctors, without proper credentials, will perscribe homones.
With this in mind, what are the dangers of Hormone Replacement Therapy?
As mentioned above, the biggest danger is in not seeking the advice of a Medical […]

What is “Therapy Hormone”?

By Dr Dale Baird

Therapy Hormone:

Therapy hormone refers to those therapies that are used by a hormone replacement doctor to help improve hormone imbalance.  The most common hormones used in “therapy hormone” are the following; estrogen (Estradiol, Estriol, Estrone), progesterone, Testosterone Pre-cursers, Testosterone, Sleep hormones, androstenidione, DHT, Cortisol and 17 -hydroxy progesterone.

Of all the therapy hormones, progesterone is the first one to start diminishing, usually around age 25-35.  By the time a female reaches menopause, her progesterone levels are usually very, very low.  With low levels of progesterone a woman may experience low libido, vaginal dryness, mental fogging, in ability to lose weight, can’t get to sleep, can’t stay asleep, and wakes up tired.  Her family Physician will usually treat these symptoms width anti-depressants and sleeping pills.  Supplementing with progesterone creams or pills, many or most of these symptoms will be dramatically reduced or eliminated.

Finding a Specialty Therapy Hormone Doctor who treats hormone Imbalances may not be easy.  Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) has been part of the medical specialties of Endocrinologists, Internists and Gynecologists.  However, these specialists are usually more concerned about congenital abnormalities, tumors, cancers or associated diseases.  Some even believe if there is no disease associated with the hormone imbalance there is no need for ANY treatment.  So hormone balancing in the absence of these parameters, are typically not of a high priority to them.  Family Physicians usually interpret these symptoms as depression or sleep deprivation or both and treat with sleeping pills or anti-depressants.

The best way is to find Therapy Hormone  Specialist is to ask your friends or check on the Internet.  Using the key word “HRT” or “hormone replacement therapy”, followed that by the name of the city were you reside will usually give you several choices.  Research as […]

What is a “Hormone Testing Clinic”?

By Dr Dale Baird
A hormone testing clinic is a  facility, Center or Clinic specializing in treating hormone problems in humans of all ages.  These facilities very rarely deal with endocrine related diseases.  Endocrine diseases are treated by medical specialists with training in tumors, cancers and congenital hormone developmental problems. 
Testing in a hormone testing clinic involves looking at human function by analyzing blood, blood serum and tissue content.  Blood and blood serum tests involve drawing blood out of veins in the arm and having the specimen analyzed my local blood laboratory.  Tissue content is analyzed most commonly by saliva cell testing.  Most all cells in the human body contain hormones, as hormones help direct cell function.  Any cell can be analyzed, however the most easily accessible ourselves in the saliva.  Results from blood testing can take several days to several weeks.  Saliva testing can use would be done within one week’s time.
Saliva testing is usually less expensive, however many Physicians have little knowledge or experience with saliva testing order the more expensive blood testing.
Hormone testing clinics can be found in any state.  Check with your local listings or Google “hormone testing clinic” to find one in your area.

What is Estrogen Hormone Therapy?

By Dr Dale Baird
Estrogen Hormone Therapy is a very specific therapy used by Drs at Natural Hormone Replacement Centers and Clinics to treat any imbalance or deficiencey of this very powerful female hormone.  Of all the female hormones, estrogen is the strongest.  It accounts for women’s secondary sexual characteristics.  It is in great abundance in early years of life but in the years prior to menopause she will notice many and varied symptoms as a result of diminishing concentrations.
The term estrogen actually refers to over 22 different known estrogen compounds.  The three most common are estradiol, estriol and estrone.  Where estradiol is many many times more potent than estriol, the weakest.  Estradiol is the main ingredient in contraceptives.
Estrogen in women is produced in primarily two locations, the ovaries and in the adrenal glands.  Women who have had a hysterectomy, where the ovaries have been removed, its, primarily, the adrenal glands that takes over and make estrogens available.
The problem is when a woman is under excessive stress the adrenal glands may not produce enough estrogen.  With estrogen in low concentrations she will start noticing symptoms of low libido, lack of energy, fatigue, depression, difficulty getting to sleep, often waking up in 2 to 3 HRS and having difficulty getting back to sleep anddepression.  It’s not uncommon for her Physician to misinterpret her symptoms and prescribe anti-depressants and sleeping pills.  Weight gain for most menopausal women is common.  No matter how hard she works out, no matter how strict with her caloric intake the weight just seems to not come off.  Most men do not understand this process and in many cases are not very supportive.
So the key to hormone replacement therapy is after a consultation followed by a complete physical exam, […]