Thyroid Hormone Therapy

Thyroid Hormone Therapy
Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) should always involve an in-depth Thyroid evaluation (Panel). The Thyroid Gland plays a major role in virtually all cells.  It’s effect in metabolism is unmatched by any other hormone gland.  Lying in the front of your neck, just above your collar bone, problems with it can usually be seen as a swelling or lump.  Some people may have difficulty swallowing due to enlargement of the gland itself or by small bumps (nodules) that grow on it.  If the evaluation shows negative results you should consider Thyroid Hormone Therapy.

Hair loss, loss of the outer eyebrows and weight gain around the abdomen can be an unfortunate early complication of thyroid disease.

A very delicate and complex gland is responsible, among others for;

basal metabolic functioning,
controls energy usage,
helps makes proteins,
and decides how and when your body interreacts with other hormones.

These processes are achieved with the help of two (2) main Thyroid Gland products;

Triiodothyronine (T3),
and Thyroxine (T4),

All cells have “receptor sites” for these two thyroid gland hormones, if these sites are blocked (usually by T3-produced during high stress, post surgically or with High/Low cortisol levels) your Doctor may have trouble getting your Thyroid levels balanced especially if they only tests for TSH levels.  This in turn has a cascade effect, the other hormones may not function completely.

Common symptoms;

Fatigue Weight gain,
Hair loss or unhealthy looking hair,
Foggy Memory,
Sleep disturbances (can’t get to sleep within 20 minutes without sleep aides, wake up at 2-3 am, can’t get back to sleep and waking up not feeling rested)
Needing numerous dose change,

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Do You Have A Weight Problem that Just Won’t Go Away?

Do You Have A Weight Problem that Just Won’t Go Away?
By Dr Dale Baird
Are Your Food Allergies Causing A Weight Problem?

Food Allergies are a growing concern with Weight Problem in the United States today. One type of allergy is for the most part silent, meaning you don’t know you have hidden food allergies until you are tested for “IgG Delayed Food Allergies”. There are two types of allergic food reactions to be concerned with:

The first, involves an immediate reaction (called IgE antibody reaction). You have heard of people with deadly peanut allergies or hives when eating strawberries. This type of reaction, thankfully, is rare.
 The second type of allergic reaction (delayed or IgG antibody) can cause an inability to lose weight, heartburn, brain fog, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, Crohn’s or Celiac Disease, hyperactivity, learning disabilities, behavioral problems and are much more common allergic reactions. The cause in part is due to delayed food allergens that produce inflammation in our gut and body for up to 4 days after eating them. These delayed food allergies are the ones that have been linked to autoimmune diseases, allergic asthma, arthritis and Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), Crohn’s and Celiac Disease.

Your success with weight loss can depend on whether or not you have food allergies.  We recommend testing you before you start your weight loss/metabolic reset program.  Please call Natural hormone Replacement Clinics of Colorado to schedule your food allergy testing today.



Can Obesity Cause Erectile Dysfunction?

Yes, Obesity Affects Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Erectile dysfunction is one of the most sensitive conditions that most men will ever have to deal with. In addition to the physical problem itself, it can also bring with it a large number of emotional and mental issues as well. When suffering from any type of erectile dysfunction it is common for men to feel inadequate and less like a man. However, there are a growing number of ways that conditions like erectile dysfunction can be treated and even prevented. We are not just talking about Viagra and other drugs – in fact, we recently came across a very interesting article that discusses the links between obesity and erectile dysfunction.

The entire article, titled ‘Lifestyle and Metabolic Approaches to Maximizing Erectile and Vascular Health’ is available from Nature.com if you are interested in reading it in full, but allow us to summarize what we took from reading it.
Decreased Vascular Nitric Oxide
The article outlines how both oxidative stress and inflammation can cause disruption in the production of Nitric Oxide in the body. It also indicates that lower than normal levels of Nitric Oxide can be a major factor in various vascular diseases including erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that almost all men suffering from erectile dysfunction are also suffering from a decreased level of vascular Nitric Oxide that has been closely linked to smoking, abdominal obesity and a diet that is high in fat and/or sugars.
Combating Low Nitric Oxide Levels
The article goes on to discuss how engaging in frequent exercise and eating a healthier diet can actually increase the production of vascular Nitric Oxide resulting in more frequent erections. Weight loss is also going to help with the problem. Aside […]

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

What is Leaky Gut Syndrome?
Our gut is often considered to be the foundation stone for our good health. If your gut is in a healthy state, then there is a pretty strong chance that your overall health and well being is also pretty good! However, if you are suffering from the condition known as ‘leaky gut’, then it can expose you to a wide variety of health concerns.
What is a Leaky Gut?
 In order to properly absorb nutrients, the gut has to be permeable to small molecules. However, some people find that factors such as infections, stress, toxins, food allergies and even age can cause some of the lining of the intestines to break down which can allow undigested food, toxins and microbes among other things to leak out of the gut and into your bloodstream.
What Causes Leaky Gut?
The biggest causes of leaky gut are foods, toxins and infections. In terms of food gluten, dairy and excessive sugar or alcohol are the biggest culprits. Some infections, toxins found in some medications and in pesticides, stress and age can also cause leaky gut.
Signs That You May Have Leaky Gut
If you have noticed any of the following then it could mean that you are suffering from leaky gut :

Digestive Issues (gas, bloating, ibs, diarrhea etc.).
Seasonal allergies like hay fever and/or asthma.
Hormone Imbalance Such as PCOS.
Autoimmune Disorders like lupus, celiacs disease or rheumatoid arthritis.
Chronic fatigue and/or fibromyalgia.
 Mood Disorders, Depression and/or Anxiety
Skin Conditions including Acne, Rosacea and Eczema
Food Allergies or Intolerances.

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Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis

Can Hashimoto’s be treated Naturally?
Yes, first you must understand there is no current cure for Hashimoto’s disease.  But with new innovations with nutritional medicines, better understanding of other major contributors to the disease process and with a lot of help from new/improved laboratory tests, the condition can be calmed down and controlled, Naturally.  It’s not that medications aren’t helpful for some, but why not give your own body’s ability to heal a chance, first.

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis is an auto-immune inflammation of the thyroid gland. This means that the body can sometimes aim an immune attack, similar to the way it might fight germs or cancer, against its own thyroid gland. When that occurs, white blood cells called lymphocytes can infiltrate into the tissue of the thyroid gland. When doctors remove small amounts of thyroid tissue, either with a needle biopsy or during surgery, pathologists are able to see this infiltration, using microscopes. Blood tests can also demonstrate antibodies against the thyroid gland.

Hashimoto’s is more common in women, especially of child-bearing age. It can result in diffuse swelling of the thyroid gland. Patients may not have any thyroid function complaints at all. Sometimes patients can develop symptoms of low thyroid function, and rarely, overactive thyroid symptoms.

Here’s a list of some of the relevant issues needed to be addressed by you and your Functional Medicine Doctor.

Nutritional Status: What are the vitamins/minerals your body needs and are you absorbing them optimally? Which ones do you specifically need and could taking certain supplementation actually hurt your thyroid and immune system?
Hormonal Status: How can one hormone, for example insulin, impact other hormones including the thyroid? How do your female and male hormones impact the immune and thyroid system?
Central Nervous System: […]